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Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Confirmed News (Single player/ Multiplayer)

“Pushing the boundaries of what fans have come to expect from the record-setting entertainment franchise, Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 propels players into a near future, 21st Century Cold War, where technology and weapons have converged to create a new generation of warfare”
-A little more the Decade out.
-Lots of research to make a more plausible ”near future”
-Branching story lines.
-Non linear Gameplay.
-Horse back riding is confirmed
-Very futuristic technology
-Playing in Los Angeles
-Slogan “The Future is Black”
-According to reveal trailer game takes place in 2025

-Game will change between 1980s and 2025s time frame. Mostly in 2025 though
-It is a direct sequel to Black Ops.
-Mason didn’t actually kill JFK, given that he’s out in the field in Black Ops II.
-Narrated by Black Ops character Frank Woods, now an old man. Frank didn’t die in Black Ops
-In the 80′s timeline, players will take on the role of Black Ops protagonist Alex Mason.
-In 2025, players will take on the role Alex Mason [David Mason's son]. Father/Son Relationship will be a part of story
-Plot is fictional second Cold War happening between China and the US due to the scarcity of Rare Earth Elements used to make new tech devices.
-According to Treyarch, in real life China currently controls 95% of rare earth elements.
-A good deal of the 1980′s action will take place during proxy wars in Central America.
-We will find out more about Viktor Reznov.
-The villain will be a man named Raul Menendez. He is controlling drones to create this Cold War.
-The 1980′s missions will chronicle what started Martinez on setting his current-day plans in motion.
-The story is was written from the ground up by Dark Knight and Batman Begins co-writer David Goyer.
-Menendez has hacked into the US’s unmanned drones and unleashed an attack on Los Angeles.
-There will be at least one female character in the game, a pilot named Anderson
-The president in 2025 is also a woman, and appeared in the “Attack on LA” mission.
-David Mason’s sidekick is a soldier named Nelson
-The game will be using full-body performance capture to place its actors in the game;
-Both male and female actors captured with the sort of clarity we’ve come to expect from games using full-performance capture.
-Each person will have a different ending depending upon how you chose to play the game.
-Every mission has many alternative ways to play it. You choose. You play.
-A feature called “Overwatch” mode; You can play from the air or the ground. Drive/operate vehicles.
-Snipers have awesome optic. You can see through materials w/ the scope. Electronic Charge to penetrate.
-Worked with guys named Peter Singer on how to make futuristic settings
-CLAW is a “futuristic enemy “
-Talks about Overwatch mode – “live, tactical overview of the map”
-One mission takes place right outside of the E3 area
-Map/Mission shown to OXM was in Keppel Terminal at the Port of Singapore
-Mason is on the US President Security Detail
-Menedez has full control of automated fleet
-President needs to be evacuated
-Look through walls w/ certain scopes
-There will be flashbacks to the 1980s as Woods recalls his maneuvers with Alex Mason
-Lt. Col. Oliver North is helping Treyarch w/ Black Ops 2.

Strike Force Details *Part of Campaign only:
-Treyarch is aiming to change that with Black Ops II with the inclusion of “Strike Force,” a new, open-ended game-mode that’s folded into the single-player campaign.

-Strike Force missions will be woven into the core single-player campaign, and will present themselves as various black ops missions available around the globe.
-Players won’t be able to play all of the strike force missions in a single playthrough.
-Depending on the outcome of a given strike force mission, the story will change. “You’re going to choose a mission,” said Lamia, “and that’s a branch for the story. Say there’s three missions out there—you’re not going to go back and play all of them; the story goes on. If you die on a strike force mission, you die in the story.”
-The playable characters don’t feature in the Strike Force missions.
-Strike Force allows players to control squads of troops, giving follow/hold commands with the shoulder buttons.
-Strike Force also allows a zoomed-out command view via an unmanned aerial drone that lets you to set waypoints for your units to achieve shifting goals.
-Strike Force will allow you to control armed aerial drones, armed land-drones, and unarmed aerial drones in addition to being able to hop to the viewpoint of any of the soldiers in your squad.


-Treyarch Studio Head in interview on Roll Call on Call of Duty ELITE, “MP in Black Ops 2 is Pushing Boundaries. It will have its own Reveal. The devs are looking at what the community wants and watching all systems. Can’t wait to reveal .”
-David Vonderhaar tweeted that a MUTE ALL option is coming (click here and click here)

-Multiplayer director David Vonderhaar relayed that the new approach they are taking is “One size does not fit all.” That means, he said, that there is no one way to play a Call of Duty game. So, they’re pulling back features like create-a-class, killstreaks, and other features and reexamining them, challenging their assumptions of “what cows are sacred.”
-Multiplayer will take place entirely in the year 2025—there will be no multiplayer missions set in the 80′s.
-They are taking the E-sports community very seriously. In part, that means that they’re focusing on making the game more fun to watch as a spectator. Hopefully that means super cute, colorful uniforms!
-There will be NO beta
-“Looking at every system and really innovating on that gameplay mode that I am looking forward to talk about later”
-Heavy focus on lighting in maps
-“Aftermath” – takes place in Los Angeles; The Verge said,“The other map is downtown Los Angeles following the single-player campaign’s drone attack. On a street sign are the words Figueroa. This is literally where E3 takes place every summer”.
-“Socotra Island” – takes place in an island in Yemen

-Zombie IS returning in Black Ops 2! Mark Lamia, Treyarch Head, ” Biggest and most ambitious Zombies ever.”
-Zombies will definitely be back in Black Ops II, and will feature all new modes that are more fleshed-out than ever.
-”There will be more zombies and more modes; just more.”
-The zombies are “In the multiplayer engine.” “If you think about all of the things we can do with our multiplayer engine,” Lamia said, “You can start to think about how we might be looking at this.” Okay then!
-“Our zombies fans want more zombies, they literally want more zombies and they want more ways to play. They want bigger maps, they want even more interesting things to do inside these levels. So we are crafting new worlds, creating new game modes and bigger worlds.”
-“We’ve actually put [zombies] inside of our multiplayer engine and it’s capable of doing twice as many zombies, twice as many co-op players. There are actually new modes,” says Lamia. “There’s classic mode that you guys are used to but there are going to be new modes. [Twice as many co-op players] introduces some interesting new gameplay modes. Perhaps you can think of some team game modes where there might be fun to be had?”
-Zombies are the only confirmed co-op aspect of Black Ops II. The campaign and strike-force modes do not appear to feature co-op.
-Zombies can be played with up to 8 players!
-4v4 mode confirmed.


-All versions run at 60FPS.
-Treyarch will not trade frame rate for visual details.
-PC version will utilize DirectX 11. Dedicated Servers are NOT confirmed
-Build previewed was on Xbox 360. Before/after comparisons reportedly indicated significant improvements.
-Environments given more unique details – helps with player communication to call out specific areas.
-Socotra Island in Yemen and ‘Aftermath’ were the levels/areas shown
-New texture technique called “reveal mapping.”
-”There’s over 250 people at Treyarch, but there’s over 300 people working on the project. We do have contractors and test teams that aren’t part of the company. Those others aren’t actually employees of Treyarch. But there’s over 300 people working on the game right now.”

Black Ops 2: Official Multiplayer Interview Exclusive With Producer: Mark Lamia

Treyarch have revealed tons of info about Black Ops II since E3 and the producer, Mark Lamia has been revealing more and more intriguing news about how Black Ops II will be. One of the things I like most about Black Ops II is that Treyarch has decided to introduce a new multiplayer system rather than using the old slot system as in Modern Warfare 1,2,3 and Black Ops.

Black Ops II will be using a 10 point allocation system that allows players to freely spend them on perks and weapons. Players can choose to be loaded with perks, rely on a knife kill and perk-loaded gaining an advantage over other player. Players can also choose to be weapon-loaded and be a walking one man tank. This new multiplayer system will bring a new experience to CoD multiplayer.

Ps. There.Will.Be.Dive.To.Prone:) Black Ops had a dive to prone system but Modern Warfare 3 didnt and now it's back:)

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BlackBlack Ops 2 Multiplayer System/ Gameplay/ INFO/ UPDATES (LEAKED)

On June 6th, several members of the media were granted access to Black Ops 2′s brand new multiplayer are were kept under a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and were not allowed to discuss anything they saw. Appearently 2 people didn’t get the memo.. You remember a couple days ago when a member of IGN posted 2 photos (new MP H.U.D. and player list) over Instagram which were removed a few minutes later..
Now according to MP1st, a member from Shacknews, Garnet Lee (who was invited to the MP play session), uploaded a podcast which REVEALED massive changes made to Black Op 2 multiplayer. The podcast has now been edited and re-uploaded and all the details have been removed.
Create-A-Class 3.0:
-10 point allocation system replaces primary/secondary/grenades slot system Guns, attachments, equipment, perks take up allocation points.
*ex.) you could have 2 primary weapons which would use most of your points and only have 1 perk.
-Taken out “slot system”.
-Option to start with no weapons, load up on perks and equipment.
-You start out with 10 choices/options per class.
-New wager match variations.
-New “Friend/Foe identifier” attachment.
David Vonderhaar once said in a behind the scenes video, “create a class is sweet.. choose what’s the most important things to you, and forget about the things that are not important…This will open up doors for playstyles you have not seen. It’s going to be fantastic.”

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Call Of Duty Black Ops II Screenshots (REVEALED)

So what do you guys think of the new black ops II?will it be another sci-fi game?will it beat it's predecessor modern warfare 3 and black ops??let me know what you all think

Maplestory: Cannoner Class Guide/ Skill Build

MapleStory Cannoneer Guide
Cannoneers are a Part of the Pirate Adventurer class. Their Primary Stat is STR, and their secondary Stat is DEX. To equip their equipment DEX=Level.
They use a newly introduced weapon called Hand Cannon. Hand Cannons are 2-handed so there is no ability to equip a shield.
Cannoneers have their own separate Cashop, so they may not share Cashop items with characters on the same account unless they are also Cannoneers.
Cannoneers are adventurers, but they have a separate beginner story line and beginner skills.
Cannoneers cannot be created as Ultimate Explorers.
Cannoneers have a link skill that adds +15AllStat and 5%HP/MP. It can be linked to any other character on the account, and the status also applies to the Cannoneer.

^AP Setup
The main stat for the Cannoneer is STR.
The basic rule here is DEX=LEVEL. Each Cannoneer will start with a minimum of 4 DEX, and the Beginner Skill will ad 15 DEX, giving everyone 20 Base DEX.
Pirate Training adds 30DEX and Monkey Magic adds 20DEX when they are maxed, So anyone who reaches level 70 will have a base 70 DEX using the skills.
I would Reccomend going low DEX or DEXless because it is fairly easy to get equipment such as a Zakum Helmet which adds 15 DEX and Silver Deputy Star which adds 5DEX. But if you are not funded enough to get equipment to keep yourself at DEX=LEVEL then you can simply add points into it, but you should never get more than around 50 base DEX

1st Job Skill Build

LevelSkill Points
10Cannon Blaster +1 (1)
11Cannon Blaster +1 (2), Blast Back +1 (1), Cannon Strike +1 (1)
12Cannon Blaster +3 (5)
13Cannon Blaster +3 (8)
14Cannon Blaster +3 (11)
15Cannon Blaster +3 (14)
16Cannon Blaster +3 (17)
17Cannon Blaster +3 (MAX)
18Blast Back +3 (4)
19Blast Back +3 (7)
20Blast Back +3 (10)
21Blast Back +3 (13)
22Blast Back +2 (MAX), Cannon Boost +1 (1)
23Cannon Boost +3 (4)
24Cannon Boost +3 (7)
25Cannon Boost +3 (MAX)
26Cannon Strike +3 (4)
27Cannon Strike +3 (7)
28Cannon Strike +3 (10)
29Cannon Strike +3 (13)
30Cannon Strike +3 (16)

End Results 1st Job
Cannon Blaster MAX(20)
Blast Back MAX(15)
Cannon Boost MAX(10)
Cannon Strike 16

I would recommend Maxing Cannon Blaster first to increase damage output. Getting one point in Blast Back to increase mobility, and one point in Cannon Strike for a stronger 1v1 hit. However, Cannon Strike is easily replaced in second job so it is not maxed.

Second Job Skill Build

LevelSkill Points
30Scatter Shot +1 (1)
31Barrel Bomb +3 (3)
32Barrel Bomb +3 (6)
33Barrel Bomb +3 (9)
34Barrel Bomb +3 (12)
35Barrel Bomb +3 (15)
36Barrel Bomb +3 (18)
37Barrel Bomb +2 (MAX), Pirate Training +1 (1)
38Pirate Training +3 (4)
39Pirate Training +3 (7)
40Cannon Mastery +3 (3)
41Cannon Mastery +2 (5), Cannon Booster +1 (1)
42Cannon Booster +3 (4)
43Cannon Booster +2 (6), Cannon Mastery +1 (6)
44Cannon Mastery +3 (9)
45Cannon Mastery +3 (12)
46Cannon Mastery +3 (15)
47Cannon Mastery +3 (18)
48Cannon Mastery +2 (MAX), Pirate Training +1 (8)
49Pirate Training +2 (MAX), Critical Fire +1 (1)
50Critical Fire +3 (4)
51Critical Fire +3 (7)
52Critical Fire +3 (10)
53Critical Fire +3 (13)
54Critical Fire +2 (MAX), Scatter Shot +1 (2)
55Scatter Shot +3 (5)
56Scatter Shot +3 (8)
57Scatter Shot +3 (11)
58Scatter Shot +3 (14)
59Scatter Shot +2 (16), Monkey Magic +1 (1)
60Monkey Magic +3 (4)
61Monkey Magic +3 (7)
62Monkey Magic +3 (10)
63Monkey Magic +3 (13)
64Monkey Magic +3 (16)
65Monkey Magic +3 (19)
66Monkey Magic +1 (MAX), Cannon Booster +2 (8)
67Cannon Booster +3 (11)
68Cannon Booster +3 (14)
69Cannon Booster +3 (17)
70Cannon Booster +3 (MAX)

End Results 2nd Job
Critical Fire MAX(15)
[skill=Cannoneer 2=Critical Fire]Critical Fire MAX(15)
Cannon Mastery MAX(20)
Pirate Training MAX(10)
Barrel BombMAX(20)
Cannon Booster MAX(20)
Monkey Magic MAX(20)
Scatter Shot 16

One point is put in Scatter Shot to improve training. The skill Barrel Bomb reaches its full potential once it is maxed and has 100% chance of Knock Back.Pirate Training gets 7 points into it so that by level 40 you will have 40 dex(REQ for cannons). For anyone they should simply put as many points into Pirate Training as it takes to get their DEX to 40 then stop, and continue later to get their DEX to 50 in time for level 50. 5 points is put into Cannon Mastery to meet the requirement for Cannon Booster. You put 6 points into Cannon Booster to get an even one minute timer on it, then you finish off Cannon Mastery to increase damage stability.You then max Critical Fire for increased damage. After that you get Scatter Shot to 16 for the increased damage. Next Comes Monkey Magic for more DEX and damage. You finish off by maxing Cannon Booster.

3rd Job Skill Build

LevelSkill Points
70Cannon Spike +1 (1)
71Cannon Jump +1 (1), Reinforced Cannon +1 (1), Monkey Madness +1 (1)
72Monkey Madness +3 (4)
73Monkey Madness +3 (7)
74Monkey Madness +3 (10)
75Monkey Madness +3 (13)
76Monkey Madness +3 (16)
77Monkey Madness +3 (19)
78Monkey Madness +1 (MAX), Reinforced Cannon +2 (3)
79Reinforced Cannon +3 (6)
80Reinforced Cannon +3 (9)
81Reinforced Cannon +3 (12)
82Reinforced Cannon +3 (MAX)
83Cannon Jump +3 (4)
84Cannon Jump +3 (7)
85Cannon Jump +3 (10)
86Cannon Jump +3 (13)
87Cannon Jump +2 (MAX), Cannon Spike +1 (2)
88Cannon Spike +3 (5)
89Cannon Spike +3 (8)
90Cannon Spike +3 (11)
91Cannon Spike +3 (14
92Cannon Spike +3 (17)
93Cannon Spike +3 (MAX)
94Luck of the Dice +3 (3)
95Luck of the Dice +3 (6)
96Luck of the Dice +3 (9)
97Luck of the Dice +3 (12)
98Luck of the Dice +3 (15)
99Luck of the Dice +3 (18)
100Luck of the Dice +2 (MAX), Pirate Rush +1 (1)
101Pirate Rush +3 (4)
102Pirate Rush +3 (7)
103Pirate Rush +3 (10)
104Pirate Rush +3 (13)
105Pirate Rush +3 (16)
106Pirate Rush +3 (19)
107Pirate Rush +1 (MAX), Counter Crush +2 (2)
108Counter Crush +3 (5)
109Counter Crush +3 (8)
110Counter Crush +3 (11)
111Counter Crush +3 (14)
112Counter Crush +1 (MAX), Monkey Wave +2 (2)
113Monkey Wave +3 (5)
114Monkey Wave +3 (8)
115Monkey Wave +3 (11)
116Monkey Wave +3 (14)
117Monkey Wave +3 (17)
118Monkey Wave +3 (MAX)
119Barrel Roulette +3 (3)
120Barrel Roulette +3 (6)

End Results 3rd Job
Reinforced Cannon MAX(15)
Pirate Rush MAX(20)
Counter Crush MAX(15)
Cannon Spike MAX(20)
Monkey Madness MAX(20)
Cannon Jump MAX(15)
Barrel Roulette (6)
Luck of the Dice MAX(20)
Monkey Wave MAX(20)

At level 70 one point is added into Cannon Spike because it replaces your other training skills. You then add one point into Cannon Jump, Reinforced Cannon, Monkey Madness for mobility and damage increase. The first skill you max is Monkey Madness because that is used to quickly clear a large group of enemies and damage is important. Next comes Reinforced Cannon to increase overall damage. You then max to help with mobility training at MP3 because height of the jump increases with the level. Next you max Cannon Spike to increase its damage. You then max Luck of the Dice, Pirate Rush, and Counter Crush in that order for their buffs. Next you max Monkey Wave. You finish of with the rest of the points into Barrel Roulette.

4th Job Skill Build

LevelSkill Points
120Cannon Bazooka+1 (1), Cannon Barrage +1 (1), Cannon Overload +1 (1)
121Mega Monkey Magic +1 (1), Nautilus Strike +1 (1), Anchors Away +1 (1)
122Monkey Militia +1 (1), Double Down +2 (2)
123Double Down +3 (MAX)
124Cannon Overload +3 (4)
125Cannon Overload +3 (7)
126Cannon Overload +3 (10)
127Cannon Overload +3 (13)
128Cannon Overload +3 (16)
129Cannon Overload +3 (19)
130Cannon Overload +3 (22)
131Cannon Overload +3 (25)
132Cannon Overload +3 (28)
133Cannon Overload +2 (MAX), Cannon Barrage +1 (2)
134Cannon Barrage +3 (5)
135Cannon Barrage +3 (8)
136Cannon Barrage +3 (11)
137Cannon Barrage +3 (14)
138Cannon Barrage +3 (17)
139Cannon Barrage +3 (20)
140Cannon Barrage +3 (23)
141Cannon Barrage +3 (26)
142Cannon Barrage +3 (29)
143Cannon Barrage +1 (MAX), Cannon Bazooka +2 (3)
144Cannon Bazooka +3 (6)
145Cannon Bazooka +3 (9)
146Cannon Bazooka +3 (12)
147Cannon Bazooka +3 (15)
148Cannon Bazooka +3 (18)
149Cannon Bazooka +3 (21)
150Cannon Bazooka +3 (24)
151Cannon Bazooka +3 (27)
152Cannon Bazooka +3 (MAX)
153Anchors Away +3 (4)
154Anchors Away +3 (7)
155Anchors Away +3 (10)
156Anchors Away +3 (13)
157Anchors Away +2 (MAX), Pirate's Spirit +1 (1)
158Pirate's Spirit +3 (4)
159Pirate's Spirit +3 (7)
160Pirate's Spirit +3 (10)
161Pirate's Spirit +3 (13)
162Pirate's Spirit +3 (16)
163Pirate's Spirit +3 (19)
164Pirate's Spirit +3 (22)
165Pirate's Spirit +3 (25)
166Pirate's Spirit +3 (28)
167Pirate's Spirit +2 (MAX), Monkey Milita +1 (2)
168Monkey Militia +3 (5)
169Monkey Militia +3 (8)
170Monkey Militia +3 (11)
171Monkey Militia +3 (14)
172Monkey Militia +1 (MAX), Mega Monkey Magic +2 (3)
173Mega Monkey Magic +3 (6)
174Mega Monkey Magic+3 (9)
175Mega Monkey Magic +3 (12)
176Mega Monkey Magic +3 (15)
177Mega Monkey Magic +3 (18)
178Mega Monkey Magic +3 (21)
179Mega Monkey Magic +3 (24)
180Mega Monkey Magic +3 (27)
181Mega Monkey Magic +3 (MAX)
182Maple Warrior +3 (3)
183Maple Warrior +3 (6)
184Maple Warrior +3 (9)
185Maple Warrior +3 (12)
186Maple Warrior +3 (15)
187Maple Warrior +3 (18)
188Maple Warrior +3 (21)
189Maple Warrior +3 (24)
190Maple Warrior +3 (27)
191Maple Warrior +3 (MAX)

^Skill Descriptions

Beginner Skills
All Beginner Skills are Maxed by level 10
Master of Swimming-Increase swimming speed underwater. Also, you do not lose HP underwater.
Storage Master-At each job advancement, the Cannoneer gains 12 more slots in Equip/Use/Etc./SetUp inventories. With the maximum being 24 Slots added.
Pirate Blessing-This is the link skill. +15 All Stat and +5%HP/MP

1st Job: Cannoneer 1
Cannon Blaster
Shoots a flame bomb that attacks multiple enemies.
Level 1: MP Cost: 7, Damage: 187%, Attacks up to 3 monsters
Level 20: MP Cost: 11, Damage: 225%, Attacks up to 3 monsters

Cannon Strike
Knocks back nearby enemies with a cannon strike.
Level 1: MP Cost: 7, Damage: 76%, Attacks the enemy 3 times
Level 20: MP Cost: 9, Damage: 95%, Attacks the enemy 3 times

Blast Back
Fires the cannon while quickly moving backwards. Can decrease the speed of target for a fixed period of time.
Level 1: MP Cost: 45, Damage: 154%, Attacks up to 3 monsters, 28% chance to slow down the enemy to -18 speed for 2 seconds
Level 15: MP Cost: 20, Damage: 210%, Attacks up to 3 monsters, 70% chance to slow down the enemy to -60 speed for 5 seconds

Cannon Boost
Improves the cannon to permanently increase ATT and DEF.
Level 1: Attack+2, Weapon and Magic Defense +25
Level 10: Attack+20, Weapon and Magic Defense +250

2nd Job: Cannoneer 2
Scatter Shot
Attack multiple enemies at once by firing a multitude of small bombs.
Level 1: MP Cost: 16, Damage: 163%, Attacks up to 4 monsters 2 times
Level 20: MP Cost: 24, Damage: 220%, Attacks up to 4 monsters 2 times

Barrel Bomb
Rolls an Oak Barrel full of bombs. The Oak Barrel will travel a certain distance, knocking back enemies in its path, before exploding.
Level 1: MP Cost: 20, Damage: 31%, Attacks up to 8 monsters 3 times, 50% chance to knockback your enemy, Push the monsters and deal 350% damage once it explodes
Level 20: MP Cost: 28, Damage: 50%, Attacks up to 8 monsters 3 times, 100% chance to knockback your enemy, Push the monsters and deal 350% damage once it explodes

Cannon Booster
Uses MP to increase the attack speed of your cannon by 2 levels for a fixed period of time.
Level 5 Cannon Mastery Required
Level 1: MP Cost: 97, Duration: 10 seconds
Level 20: MP Cost: 40, Duration: 200 seconds

Monkey Magic
Uses the magic of the monkey to increase the HP, MP, all stats, Speed, Jump, Accuracy, and Avoidablity of all nearby party members for a fixed period of time. Can be stacked with other buffs.
Level 1: MP Cost: 30, Duration: 15 seconds, MaxHP +15, MaxMP +15, All Stats +1, Speed +1, Jump +1, Accuracy +8, Avoidability +8
Level 20: MP Cost: 55, Duration: 300 seconds, MaxHP +300, MaxMP +300, All Stats +20, Speed +10, Jump +5, Accuracy +160, Avoidability +160

Critical Fire
Permanently increase your critical rate and minimum critical damage.
Level 1: Critical Rate +6%, Minimum Critical Damage +6%
Level 15: Critical Rate +20%, Minimum Critical Damage +10%

Cannon Mastery
Increases weapon mastery and accuracy of cannons.
Level 1: Cannon Mastery 12%, Accuracy +6
Level 20: Cannon Mastery 50%, Accuracy +120

Pirate Traning
Increases STR and DEX through secret Pirate training.
Level 1: STR+3 DEX+3
Level 10: STR+30 DEX+30

3rd Job: Cannoneer 3
Cannon Spike
Fires a sharp cannonball that can penetrate multiple enemies.
Level 1: MP Cost: 28, Damage: 182%, Attacks up to 6 monsters 3 times
Level 20: MP Cost: 36, Damage: 220%, Attacks up to 6 monsters 3 times

Monkey Madness
(Explodes a large number of special bombs that deals damage on multiple nearby enemies and stuns them for a fixed period of time. In addition, when Monkey Madness is learned, damage from Barrel Bomb will increase permanently.
Barrel Bomb Level 20 Required
Level 1: Active Effects: MP Cost: 30, Damage: 191%, Attacks up to 10 monsters 5 time, 45% chance to stun the enemy for 2 seconds, Cooldown: 5 seconds
Passive Effects: Permanently increases the damage of Barrel Bomb 3%
Level 20: Active Effects: MP Cost: 46, Damage: 248%, Attacks up to 10 monsters 5 time, 95% chance to stun the enemy for 4 seconds, Cooldown: 5 seconds
Passive Effects: Permanently increases the damage of Barrel Bomb by 30%

Monkey Wave
Creates a large noise that deals damage to nearby enemies. The longer your gather your strength, the louder the noise will be. When critical is hit, it can be used immediately at full strength.
Level 1: MP Cost: 35, Damage: 620%, 45% chance to stun, when critical is hit, 2% chance of full strength.
Level 20: MP Cost: 55, Damage: 1000%, 95% chance to stun, when critical is hit, 20% chance of full strength.

Cannon Jump
Fires the cannon at the ground, and uses the recoil to jump high into the air. As you jump up into the air, nearby enemies will receive damage.
Level 1: MP Cost: 60, Damage: 168%, Jumps over a maximum of 6 monsters and damages them
Level 15: MP Cost: 35, Damage: 210%, Jumps over a maximum of 6 monsters and damages them

Barrel Roulette
Explodes a Oak Barrel to receive a random buff. When the buff is active, attacking an enemy has a fixed chance of causing abnormal status on them.
Level 1: MP Cost: 35, Buff Duration: 186 seconds. Has a 3% chance to curse your enemies with darkness, stun, freeze, or slow for 3 seconds
Cooltime: 57 seconds
Level 10: MP Cost: 60, Buff Duration: 240 seconds. Has a 30% chance to curse your enemies with darkness, stun, freeze, or slow for 5 seconds
Cooltime: 30 seconds

Luck Of The Dice
Try your luck! Roll dice to get a random buff. Roll a 1, and you get nothing. Roll 2: +30% physical defense, Roll 3: +20% hp and mp, Roll 4: +15% critical rate, Roll 5: +20% damage, and Roll 6: +30% experience
Level 1: MP Cost: 40, Duration: 66 seconds.
Cooltime: 500 seconds
Level 20: MP Cost: 60, Duration: 180 seconds.
Cooltime: 200 seconds

Reinforced Cannon
Permanently increases ATT and Attack Speed by strengthening the cannon.
Level 1: Attack+2 Cannon Attack Speed+1
Level 15: Attack+30 Cannon Attack Speed+1

Pirate Rush
Permanently increases HP, DEF, and Abnormal Status Resistance.
Level 1: MaxHP: +1%, Weapon DEF: +5%
Level 20: MaxHP: +20%, Weapon DEF: +100%

Counter Crush
When hit, there is a chance of countering the attack by swinging the cannon.
Level 1: Proc Rate: 6%, Damage: 104%
Level 15: Proc Rate: 20%, Damage: 160%

4th Job: Cannon Master
Cannon Bazooka
Fires a powerful shot that deals damage to multiple enemies nearby.
Level 1: MP Cost: 35, Damage: 464%, Attacks up to 6 monsters 2 times
Level 30: MP Cost: 65, Damage: 580%, Attacks up to 6 monsters 2 times

Cannon Barrage
Focus your firepower on enemies ahead of you. Additional critical chance is applied.
Level 1: MP Cost: 35, Damage: 200%, Attacks the enemy 5 times, 1% Critical Chance will be added
Level 30: MP Cost: 53, Damage: 258%, Attacks the enemy 5 times, 15% Critical Chance will be added

Nautilus Strike
Order the Nautilus to attack multiple enemies at once.
Level 1: MP Cost: 350, Damage: 404%, Attacks up to 15 monsters 3 times
Cooltime: 60 seconds
Level 30: MP Cost: 350, Damage: 520%, Attacks up to 15 monsters 3 times
Cooltime: 30 seconds

Anchors Away
Places an anchor that creates a strong magnetic field. The magnetic field pulls enemies toward it. When the anchor disappears, it explodes, dealing critical damage to all nearby enemies.
Level 1: MP Cost: 62, Duration: 6, Constant damage: 220%. When the anchors self-destruct, deals 508% damage
Level 15: MP Cost: 86, Duration: 20, Constant damage: 500%. When the anchors self-destruct, deals 620% damage

Monkey Militia
Summons Artillery Monkey Twins to aid you in battle.
Level 1: MP Cost: 50, Duration: 96, Damage: 230%
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Level 15: MP Cost: 95, Duration: 180, Damage: 300%
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Double Down
Try your luck! Roll two dice, and if both have the same number, you'll receive a very powerful buff.
Luck of the Die Level 20 Required
Level 1: MP Cost: 60, 10% chance of rolling two dice, Buff Duration: 184 seconds
Cooltime: 200 seconds
Level 5: MP Cost: 60, 50% chance of rolling two dice, Buff Duration: 200 seconds
Cooltime: 200 seconds

Mega Monkey Magic
Upgrade the magic of the monkey to increase the HP, MP, all stats, Speed, Jump, Accuracy, and Avoidablity of all nearby party members for a fixed period of time. Can be stacked with other buffs.
Monkey Magic Level 20 Required
Level 1: MP Cost: 60, Duration: 300 seconds, MaxHP +323, MaxMP +323, All Stats +25, Speed +11, Jump +6, Accuracy +163, Avoidability +163
Level 30: MP Cost: 80, Duration: 300 seconds, MaxHP +700, MaxMP +700, All Stats +40, Speed +15, Jump +10, Accuracy +250, Avoidability +250

Cannon Overload
Permanently increases the damage dealt by the cannon by upgrading the cannon's performance to its maximum capacity. In addition, a certain amount of enemy DEF will be ignored.
Level 1: Permanently increases your damage by 11%, Ignores 5% of monster's DEF
Level 30: Permanently increases your damage by 40%, Ignores 20% of monster's DEF

Pirate's Spirit
Permanently increase the chance of a successful counterattack, and allows you resist being knocked back for a fixed period of time.
Level 1: Active Effects: MP Cost 50, Duration: 10, 22% chance to not get knocked back by the enemy's attack
Passive Effects: Permanent 1% chance of granting additional damage after attacking
Level 30: Active Effects: MP Cost 80, Duration: 300, 80% chance to not get knocked back by the enemy's attack
Passive Effects: Permanent 15% chance of granting additional damage after attacking

Maple Warrior
Increases the stats of all party members
Level 1: MP Cost: 10, All Stats: +1%, Duration: 30 sec
Level 30: MP Cost: 70, All Stats: +15%, Duration: 900 sec

Hero's Will
Level 1: MP Cost: 30, Cooldown: 600 sec
Level 5: MP Cost: 30, Cooldown: 360 sec